Local Flea Markets

flea market longThere’s nothing more fun than finding something you’ve been looking for for a long time at an incredible price, especially if it is already out of production and you can’t see anywhere in the regular shops.  That’s why I keep going to the flea markets in my spare time and during holidays, looking for surprises for myself and for my customers.

fleamarket 1Things you can find at the Taipei flea markets include accessories and decoration, such as old drawings, beautiful old pictures by non name artists, old and new lamps (the new ones come from the warehouses who want to clear their stock, but I prefer to look for the vintage lamps from the 50s and 60s that I can’t find in the shops anymore), used tools for carpenters and electricians, most of them still usable and powerful, and they are sold at 30-50% of the fixed price at shops like Homepro.  Some time you can also find other useful items for the home, such as brand new light bulbs that from a factory that went out of production.  Some time you can also find good quality furniture, at bargain prices.

For example, one time I helped mycustomer find dining chairs, and I found beautiful, and good quality dining chairs at the flea market that were reduced from their original price of 1,800 NT to 300 NT each.  This is almost 80% off the normal price.  Another time I found beautiful wall hanging at the flea market, antique wood carving with a nice frame.  It was just a perfect match for one of my customers’ who wanted to decorate the wall outside of his bathroom, and it only cost me 300 NT.  Some time I can find vintage furniture for some of my customers from there, it helps me fill out the dreams of their childhood.

fleamarket 4

Compared to European flea markets, however, you will find less vintage furniture and decoration at the Taipei flea markets, and a greater emphasis on the sale of useful contemporary items, such as tools, electronics, and cooking ware.

There are two big flea markets in Taipei.  Both of them are located not too far from the Dansui River; one at Chongxin Bridge, the other at Fuhe Bridge. The Fuhe Bridge Flea Market is just beside the Fuhe Bridge. Normally, it is running every day except for Monday from 4:30AM to 12noon.  It has almost have 250 booth along 6 lanes inside a square shaped field (and this doesn’t include the booths of the traditional vegetable market next to it!).  You can always get the best bargains right before closing time at noon!

According to my experience, in the early morning, when there is no police there are always a lot of illegal booths in the area right outside the Fuhe market.  The prices in this area are a lot cheaper than those of the vendors inside the market, but make sure bring a good flashlight with you and check the things very carefully before you buy them.  Usually, at the Taipei flea markets, you can return most of the products to the vendors if they don’t work. But since the outside market disperses as soon as the police arrive, you might not be able to find the person who sold you the item!

fleamarket 6The Chongxin Bridge Flea Market is even bigger than the Fuhe market, it has over 500 booths, and you can find almost anything there: from books, to CDs, to amplifier, garden decoration, mobile phone accessories and repair services. Things that I bought at this market include a special extension wire for high-end audio equipment, for 30% of its original price, and a space heater. The other nice thing about this market is that is located under a bridge, so that it will still be running when rain suddenly arrives.  Again, my advise for you is to check the items very carefully.  Be especially on the look-out for copies and fakes, and make sure to remember the booth number so that you can return to buy another item, or return it, in case it doesn’t work!

Other smaller flea markets in Taipei include the Tianmu Flea Market (it also includes a local arts and crafts market), Yongchun Flea Market, which is an indoor flea market at Yongchun near Songshan railway station, and Yonghe Park 4. Tianmu Flea Market is a lot more up-market than the Yongchun Flea Market.  By contrast, the Yongchun Flea Market is much cheaper, and much more local in character.  In fact, many Tianmu sellers can be seen rummaging the Yongchun market for the best picks only to resell them for twice the price at the Tianmu fleamarket!  Yonghe Park 4 is a small weekend market that also includes arts and crafts.

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Fuhe Bridge Flea Market
New Taipei City,  Yonghe District, Huanhe Donglu Section 3
Google map
Open: everyday 04:30~12:00 every day
Chongxin Bridge Flea Market
New Taipei City, Sanzhong District, Shuhong 16 Street
Google map    
Open: everyday from 05:00~12:00, except Monday of the second & fourth week of the month
Yongchun Weekend Flea Market
Taipei City, Xinyi District, Songshan street 294, 2F (Yongchun library 2ndfloor)
Google map
Open: every weekend (Saturday+Sunday),10:00~17:00
Yonghe park 4 Weekend Market
New Taipei City, Zhonghe District, Zhongan street 85
Open: every weekend (Saturday+Sunday),10:00~18:00
Tianmu Weekend Market
Taipei City, Tianmu, Intersection of Zhongshan beilu Section 7 & Tianmu West Road
天母,台北市中山北路7段/天母西路 交叉口
Google map
Every weekend, FRI 16:00~2200, Sat 0900~1500, 1600~2200, Sun 1500~2100
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